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  1. Ford Probe Forum - Mazda MX6 Forum
    Hi, I have a few questions, I'm wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for a ford probe gt 1995 the original radio had a cd player. I'm, looking to install a new radio, I have a new radio, and am getting new speakers for the car. I am just looking for the wiring harness diagram to the radio...
  2. Ford Probe Forum - Mazda MX6 Forum
    I have a 94 ford probe GT 2.5L Manual Transmission. It runs and drives but after it warms up if I press the gas pedal to normally accelerate it bogs down and kinda stalls. It forces me to have to press the gas pedal very lightly and ease into it slowly. Once im in 3rd gear or higher it seems to...
  3. Ford Probe Forum - Mazda MX6 Forum
    Hi everyone Anyone knows how to unscrew the brake calipers, now i know the question sounds stupid. But the screws on my brake calipers are stuck, i broke the screwdriver trying to removing them. And Unfortunelly i dont have an extension, or a break bar.
  4. Ford Probe Forum - Mazda MX6 Forum
    Hi I am looking for some help/advice in trying to find aftermarket parts for my ford probe. I've been doing quite a bit of research and keep finding similar answers as in just swapping around engine components from klze, klg4, and klde to make one stronger motor. But I am looking completely for...
1-4 of 4 Results