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  1. Ford Ranger Forum
    Bought this PX2 genuine ford bullbar second hand and have no install guide or tutorials online to show me what mounts where and where to cut my existing bumper. Doesn't anyone have an installation guide or could help me out with installing?
  2. Ford Ranger Forum
    Looking at a clean '06 a little ways away from me. Just wondering if theres any issues with the model year. Haven't been able to find much so figured i would ask. Its ~50 miles from me so I'd rather not make the trek for nothing if you feel me. Thanks yall.
  3. Ford Ranger Forum
    So I bought some rural land a few years ago and on this land is a 2009 Ford Ranger. It is on a part of my property that was not really being used at the time, so I just left it there. Now I need to be able to tow it out of there. Problem being there is no key. This of course means I cannot shift...
  4. Ford Fiesta Forum - Ford kA Forum
    out power steering is out so we thought it was the power steering hose but the power steering hose isnt leaking at all. so we poured some fluid in to see where it was leaking from and its coming out from here. what is this called? and is this an easy fix? all information known would be great...
  5. Ford Ranger Forum
    Hello my name is Jimmy I bought this ranger about a month ago and the guy told me it “all it needs is a good bleed” so I spent about a hour bleeding the brakes and it was still as soft as me when is cold. So I got it home and changed out the master cylinder for a junkyard one that was still good...
  6. Ford Ranger Forum
    This may seem like a dumb question, but I'm a new truck owner and this is my first official truck I've owned outside of an SUV (I only wanted a small one for small time heavy lifting). I bought an 04 Ford Ranger, XLT Super cab 4door, 3ltr V6, auto. I wanted to know what the best fuel grade is...
  7. Ford Ranger Forum
    My father bought me a 1984 regular cab v6 with my money in non working order and need some help working on it since i know nothing about vehicles. First i am looking for a sending unit that will fit in a 17 gallon tank a unit connector and a diagram of all the hoses (half are missing) I bought a...
  8. Ford Ranger Forum
    My 1998 ford ranger dashlights wont go off even with the keys out of the ignition. My cluster dimmer switch wont dim them or turn them off either. But when I turn the dimmer switch up to bright setting it makes my running lights go on and I can slowly turn the dimmer switch back down and if sims...
  9. Ford Ranger Forum
    So someone drilled a 1/2” hole in my gas tank to steal the gas. I wanted to know if anyone knew about around how much it would cost me to get it replaced?
  10. Ford Ranger Forum
    Hi there everyone, I have a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0L 6 Cylinder Automatic It currently does not crank, or start. I have replaced the Battery Battery Terminal Connectors Fuses (they were all good, but I replaced all of them anyways) Starter & Starter Solenoid When I put my key into the...
1-10 of 10 Results