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  1. Australian Ford's Discussion
    my car will unlock and the lights inside work but the blinkers and head unit and dash won't come on and then it won't start. so my head unit won't come on when I turn it too reds same as the cluster but the head unit will turn on if i press the on button and again it wont start.
  2. Territory
    Hi there everyone, Really hoping someone can help me here, Ford cannot seem to help me. I have the 2015 Ford Territory Titanium and would like to play the DVD audio through the speakers in the car, there doesn’t seem to be a button on the screen that allows me to select this. is it an FM band...
  3. Territory
    Wanting to upgrade the base head unit to a Android touchscreen ICC and have read/heard that replacing the current screen with the new one will cause more problems then it's worth. Just wanting some advice from people that actually know stuff about cars
  4. Territory
    Will a radiator from a ba/bf falcon fit a 04 territory?
  5. New Member Area/Introduction
    Hey guys I have just bought myself a territory and I’m just wondering what problems to look out for and I’m also wondering how they go on long distance trips cause I’m looking at doing a trip that’s about 5000kms. Thanks in advance🤙🏼👍🏼.
  6. Suspension | Wheels&Tires | Brakes
    I’ve a 05 RWD territory with almost 270000km on clock, Almost it’s been a year since I bought it and Its a good car. I’ve to spend a lot now to get it perfect perfect like almost 1500$ on front bushes and suspensions(pedders) than another 1000$ on rear diff bush mount is cracked. Its the...
  7. Australian Ford's Discussion
    My Ford Territory 2011 Diesel I purchased in 2017 has had soaking wet carpets from that time on, and finally a simple fix was found. At one stage prior to my ownership mechanics must have had the door liners off to replace speakers or the window winding mechanisms and subsequently pulled the...
1-7 of 7 Results