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  1. Australian Falcons
    I’ve had this car for awhile now and i’ve had no prior problems with the screen display, just recently the display had died and blacked out, although whenever a button is pressed the screen turns on and is interactive but once nothing is pressed and left for a few seconds the screen blacks out...
  2. Australian Ford's Discussion
    I recently brought a 2010 g6e na, im on my Ps, once im off my p plates ill buy a turbo but until then what are some mods i should do and. The list of mods i am thinking of doing. exhaust and headers - I would like something louder but would rather a good note and a deeper sound. I was thinking...
  3. Australian Falcons
    I’ve found a 2008 Ford g6e that has done 600,000 kms but has had its engine rebuilt four months ago, is it worth it to buy it at 6,000 and slowly replace all old parts?
1-3 of 3 Results