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  1. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    My truck has been having issues with high idling. I tried changing out the idle air control valve with a 50$ one I bought from 1a auto. The truck still idles high when im in neutral at a red light (manual truck) then will suddenly go down to a normal idle. however, when it does go down the...
  2. Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Ford Taurus SHO
    I have a 2006 Ford Taurus with about 110k miles on it. Has been driving great with no issues. A few weeks ago the "Low Brake Fluid" light came on. We checked all the fluids and everything was fine so we just kept using the car. No issues at all until yesterday. The light came on, the brakes...
1-2 of 2 Results