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  1. Australian Ford's Discussion
    Hey, I've got an 1991 5l nc fairlane which has recently started running funny at times, on start up it runs fine, you can drive for 2 hours and it will still run fine, as soon as I turn it off then on again it has a constant miss, struggles to rev and loses most of its power but then around 1...
  2. E-Series Falcons
    My EB Fairmont has had this issue for almost a year now, where the climate control module seems to be stuck in a self check mode or something? The display is backlit when I turn the key, but nothing else happens. No fans, no air con, nothing. I have no control over the module, none of the...
  3. Ford Contour, Mondeo, Telstar, Mercury Mystique
    Hi! Recently as i was driving home from work in hard pouring rain, i noticed the following day that my ESP light has been lit up on the dashboard. It may be caused by something else, but since i noticed it lit up right after a drive in pouring rain, i can’t help myself linking the issue...
1-3 of 3 Results