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  1. New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi Everyone, I have a Ford Figo and it is giving me some trouble. I will be driving the lights as seen below will appear. Most times when I stop at a shopping center, run into the shop come back try to start it, it doesn't want to start. Then after a while, it starts again. I did take it...
  2. Ford Ranger Forum
    My 1998 ford ranger dashlights wont go off even with the keys out of the ignition. My cluster dimmer switch wont dim them or turn them off either. But when I turn the dimmer switch up to bright setting it makes my running lights go on and I can slowly turn the dimmer switch back down and if sims...
  3. Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marauder, Grand Marquis
    I have a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis I have recently purchased. It came with a digital cluster and it seems to have bulbs that are out. Does anyone here know what the bulbs are or possibly a place to buy a different digital cluster. I hate the Ford shit green lights.
1-3 of 3 Results