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  1. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    I have a 1999 F-150, I drove it to the store and parked it in my driveway. The next time I went to start it nothing would turn on, no power at all. With the key engaged the radio and lights won't even turn on. I replaced the battery and the truck still has the same issue so I checked all the...
  2. Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marauder, Grand Marquis
    I was having a problem with the positive battery terminal no keeping all the cables connected. I ultimately decided to replace the old terminal and cables with a new terminal with cables. After everything was installed (starter, alternator, and fuse box); the car was starting and running fine...
  3. Ford E-Series Vans
    I have a 2008 Ford E150 4.6. It has 179,000 miles and has been well maintained. Recently, I was on a 250 mile round trip service call. It drove perfectly, as normal all the way there. But, when I started it to leave, it had a noticeable miss. The miss seemed to come and go. When I returned...
1-3 of 3 Results