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  1. Ford Expedition Forum - Lincoln Navigator Forum
    Ok I have a 2003 Ford Expedition RWD I’m eventually going to make it 4WD and it has a 4.6 triton V8 and I was wondering what is the biggest V8 I can put in the engine bay I don’t car if I have to move some things weld some things I just need to know since this engine has 218,000 miles and when...
  2. Ford Mustang Forum
    I was looking at buying a 1972 Ford mustang with a 351, but it's got an issue where the throttle cuts out when you give it too much power. Apparently the issue is new, as it wasn't a problem until the guy replaced his carburetor and intake manifold. I don't know much about carbureted engines...
  3. Trans | Driveline
    Well where to start. I have a 2017 mustang Gt premium mustang. Standard equipped with a 3:15 gear ratio. 8.8” carrier, 34 spline. I took it to a trans/differential shop and got a phone call stating, “the top of the pinion head is rubbing on the carrier, this is the first time I’ve ever...
1-3 of 3 Results