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  1. Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marauder, Grand Marquis
    Hi all, got a 97 merc 4.6 with 90k miles that ive had for a number of years. I out the car in storage when i left the state 3 years ago and came back last year to retrieve it to find a no start issue. I did regular maintenance (plugs wires oil change air filter fuel filter) i diagnosed a bad...
  2. Ford Probe Forum - Mazda MX6 Forum
    I have a 1990 ford probe with a 3.0 v6 engine. It used to run perfect. Then one day I shut it off and it lost spark. I’ve been working on it today and now when I crank it will spark twice. But only when I first start cranking. After those sparks it does not spark at all. It also only sparks when...
1-2 of 2 Results