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  1. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    My truck is all over the road and extremely bouncy. It's too dangerous to drive and we've taken it to several mechanics and they don't know what's causing our symptoms. It's a 2000 f250 super duty 4x4 extended cab with the v8 5.4 Triton motor. We replaced the steering box and it changed nothing...
  2. Ford Ranger Forum
    So I bought some rural land a few years ago and on this land is a 2009 Ford Ranger. It is on a part of my property that was not really being used at the time, so I just left it there. Now I need to be able to tow it out of there. Problem being there is no key. This of course means I cannot shift...
  3. Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer,Lincoln Aviator
    Just bought a 2002 mercury mountaineer and noticed when moving slow in parking lots or driveways that if the wheel is fully turned to one side the vehicle lunges, jolts, and moves very choppy. Anyone know what this could be?
  4. Ford Expedition Forum - Lincoln Navigator Forum
    My expedition steering wheel locks while turning but I can push over it. It doesn't seem to be in any specific pattern. It does this either way I turn it. When I push past the place it locked it sounds like something clicks inside the steering wheel. I can't hear anything in the engine bay or...
  5. Ford E-Series Vans
    Hey guys, I have a wonderful 2009 Ford E350, but I'm having a problem, its steering is too heavy for me. I have reduced strength in my arms and it's definitely the hindrance. Does anyone know of a way to make the steering lighter? TY.
  6. Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer,Lincoln Aviator
    I have excessive lateral play in the steering rack bushing that carries the rack itself. I already have access to the tools necessary to do the job but have never done the job myself. Does anyone have any information on rebuild a steering rack. The vehicle is a 2004 mountaineer AWD 4.0L VIN code...
  7. Suspension | Wheels&Tires | Brakes
    I'm rebuilding steering on my 1959 Mercury Monterey. The inner balljoints are installed through center or drag link instead of inner tie rod. Anyone know of where I can find replacement balljoints to rebuild drag link?
1-7 of 7 Results