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  1. Ford Expedition Forum - Lincoln Navigator Forum
    My expedition steering wheel locks while turning but I can push over it. It doesn't seem to be in any specific pattern. It does this either way I turn it. When I push past the place it locked it sounds like something clicks inside the steering wheel. I can't hear anything in the engine bay or...
  2. Ford E-Series Vans
    Hey guys, I have a wonderful 2009 Ford E350, but I'm having a problem, its steering is too heavy for me. I have reduced strength in my arms and it's definitely the hindrance. Does anyone know of a way to make the steering lighter? TY.
  3. Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer,Lincoln Aviator
    I have excessive lateral play in the steering rack bushing that carries the rack itself. I already have access to the tools necessary to do the job but have never done the job myself. Does anyone have any information on rebuild a steering rack. The vehicle is a 2004 mountaineer AWD 4.0L VIN code...
  4. Suspension | Wheels&Tires | Brakes
    I'm rebuilding steering on my 1959 Mercury Monterey. The inner balljoints are installed through center or drag link instead of inner tie rod. Anyone know of where I can find replacement balljoints to rebuild drag link?
1-4 of 4 Results