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  1. Ford Taurus, Five Hundred, Sable, MKS, Montego
    I have had my bluetooth working a couple times, but it never stays working. Keeps giving error, "Bluetooth Media Disconnected." Called for support. Did everything it says online and over the phone to update SYNC to version 4.6. Starts and then says not enough room on the USB I plugged in the...
  2. Audio And Security
    Hello, I recently purchased a 2010 Ford Escape which has sync and have found that the volume of media inputs to sync like Bluetooth or USB is very low in comparison to the radio. Is there some way to have the volume increased for the sync inputs so that it is closer to the radio volume? The...
  3. Sync
    Hello, My wife has a 2015 edge with the basic 4" screen and Sync. One day after pumping gas, she started the car back up and the display on her dash didn't work, neither did the radio. They were just black. I believe the only thing that worked was the tach. After about 5 miles down the road, it...
  4. Sync
    Hi, Does Sync get any data from A/T? Is there a diagram I can refer to? Thanks.
  5. Sync
    Hey y'all this is my first post on the forums since I havent found any solutions to my problem on here yet. I have a 2017 Fiesta and the Sync has mostly lost functionality as well as my usb port. When I start the vehicle, it either goes to radio or to a blank sync screen that will not respond...
1-5 of 5 Results