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  1. Adaptive Shift Strategy - Transmission 6F35

    Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln Zephyr and MKZ
    Is there a way to reset the adaptive transmission learned parameters in a 2013 Ford Fusion (S) model? Disconnecting the battery wouldn't affect it, I don't think. Also, a scan tool will not be able to clear these parameters anymore than being able to clear permanent DTC codes. This is the kind...
  2. Festiva b6-me transmission swap

    Ford Festiva - Mazda 121
    Hello everyone At some point in the near future I will be swapping the 1.3L B3 engine out of my Kia Pride (Festiva) with a b6-me sohc 16v engine. My festiva has an automatic transmission (I believe the F3A from Mazda) and i'm willing to swap it with a 5 speed manual which comes with the b6. The...
  3. 2005 Ba Xr6 shift problems

    Australian Falcons
    Hi all, I recently just picked up a ba falcon and when i went to put it into tiptronic the dash says performance and then when I down shift and up shift it just switches between adaptive and performance without actually going through any gears. Though when I drive the car normally in either mode...
  4. 2013 E350 SuperDuty 5.4 transmission shift faults

    Ford E-Series Vans
    My work van recently started shifting in and out of overdrive. When I flip the OD OFF switch, it does the same thing in the two gears below OD. This leads me to believe that the problem is somehow electronic in nature. The one thing that concerns me most is the medium pitched whirring noise when...
  5. 05 Freestar transmission issues.

    Ford Vans, Aerostar, Freestar, Galaxy, Windstar
    I have an 05 Ford Freestar 3.9L that was running and driving good when I parked it last spring. I started it and let it run once a month to keep the battery up. We decided to sell it since we don't need it and today I went out and after checking all the fluids I started it to let it warm up...
  6. Transmission fault 2009 mondeo 2.0 diesel

    General Tech
    I have an automatic trans and often it locks in one certain gear and the display says transmission malfunction and slip indicator and check engine light comes. Codes i get is P1719 - Engine torque signal and U0401 - Invaild data received from ECM/PCM. I also have a few other codes and a non...
  7. Car not changing gears From Neutral to Drive or reverse

    Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Ford Taurus SHO
    Hi all, I have a 2007 ford taurus and I recently had a mechanic come to my place to work on the vehicle. It was leaking coolant onto the exhaust manifold and I was getting a bunch of steam. He then replaced the waterpump. After replacing the waterpump I got another leak which the mechanic said...
  8. 2018 Mustang Transmission Kicking Into Gear HELP

    Ford Mustang Forum
    Hello, I have a 2018 Mustang ecoboost performance pack with the 10 speed auto transmission. Yesterday when I went to put the car into drive it did not want to go into gear like it was in neutral for about 4-5 seconds, then the transmission kicked into gear really hard almost spun the wheels...