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turn signals

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  1. Galaxie
    Hi Folks, Gal drives fine. But got two electrical Issues. Starting is good, drive a while. Keep Parking. Want start again. Nope. Starter Engine won´t turn over, Kept Battery - a Optima Red - out to charger and found it nearly discharged. How can this happen? Even cause of Short Drivings? The GEN...
  2. Fat Fender Fords
    I am nearing completion of a restoration of a 1956 F100. It has a 1973 429 CID with C6 Transmission. It also has a 1979 Cutlass steering column hooked to a rack and pinion on a Mustang 2 IFS. I am hooking up the lights at this point. I have the flasher hooked to the power input into the column...
  3. Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marauder, Grand Marquis
    So I had a corner marker busted out, found that on eBay and replaced with a new bulb. I turn the hazards on to check everything. All lights outside work fine but the left turn signal light on the dash doesn’t work, even with hazards. It was the right light I replaced on the outside front...
1-3 of 3 Results