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  1. Ford Tempo Forum - Mercury Topaz Forum
    Hello, I have a 92 Ford Topaz (I'm living in Mexico and bought it here, down here they're badged as Topazes for some reason). Great little car, but I'm confused. I was poking around my engine bay looking for issues because I just bought it. I pulled up the PCV valve to check that it is ok and...
  2. Ford Focus Forum
    I need advice on replacing spark plug tube seals! Help please! I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall here. 2013 Ford Focus Flex Fuel - 4C - 99,xxx miles. It’s been having misfire issues and a drain on the battery. Anyway, I replaced the spark plugs and the valve cover gasket...
  3. Ford Focus Forum
    About a year ago my 08 focus started misfiring. I took the spark plugs out and there was oil in the wells, so I replaced the gaskets around it as well as the spark plugs. When I took the valve cover off I cracked it (missed a bolt and tried to pry like a damn fool) and I’ve seen oil building up...
1-3 of 3 Results