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  1. Australian Ford's Discussion
    my car will unlock and the lights inside work but the blinkers and head unit and dash won't come on and then it won't start. so my head unit won't come on when I turn it too reds same as the cluster but the head unit will turn on if i press the on button and again it wont start.
  2. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    Started my truck this morning and went to work for a few hours. After about 4 hours, I went back home (I work remotely mostly). Was in my house for maybe 5 minutes and went back to my truck to get a coffee. Went to start it and nothing. Not really sure what is wrong and why it won’t start. When...
  3. Ford Vans, Aerostar, Freestar, Galaxy, Windstar
    Hey new to these forums! I have a 1996 ford econovan with a F8 1.8l sohc carb petrol motor I had an oil leak from the rocker cover around by the distributor side so decided to fix it. I removed the distributor - to clean around it easier and then removed the air intake to access the rocker...
  4. Ford Ranger Forum
    My father bought me a 1984 regular cab v6 with my money in non working order and need some help working on it since i know nothing about vehicles. First i am looking for a sending unit that will fit in a 17 gallon tank a unit connector and a diagram of all the hoses (half are missing) I bought a...
  5. Ford Escape, C-MAX, Mercury Mariner Forum
    Hi all. I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy post but want to explain everything properly as best I can. I have a 2010 Mercury Mariner Premier V6 that I cannot get to start or at this point even show it has power to anything other than my airbag. Two days ago my wide and I had to replace...
1-5 of 5 Results