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  1. Interior | Electrical | ECU
    I have a 1984 ford ranger with a 1995 5.0 in it. The wiring harness is a complete mess from the previous owners and I want to clean it up/redo the harness but I don't know where to even start. Also I need help wiring the alternator (which I'm told is off of a f350). If you think you can help me...
  2. Ford E-Series Vans
    Okay, I seem to own a dinosaur. I have a 2002 Ford e250 5.4l dedicated CNG van. For its year and design, it's low mileage, at 127,000. I currently have a code showing low fuel rail pressure, but it's not. I've had a guage on it as I've driven it, and it's holds pretty steady at 95 psi. So...
1-2 of 2 Results