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  1. Australian Falcons
    Hi guys Had a look throught the threads but can't seem to find what in need, I have a FG1 xr6 with a mono single zone ICC display, I have a FG2 parts car with a colour single zone ICC id like to fit, are these interchangeable between the two without programming? ie like the ba bf ones where...
  2. Australian Falcons
    ok so I have an 07 bf mk2 xls ute and I want to change the front end to look like an XR6, from what I understand all I need are the headlights, fog lights, bumper and maybe the bonnet but I couldn't find too much online about it so before I go waste all my money I thought it would've been easier...
  3. Autos For Sale
    Just wondering if there is any interest. This car is a real roughy. My son and I rescued it from a paddock, and completed Shitbox Rally Hay to Adelaide in it. The motor is very rough, and there is quite a bit of body work to be done, BUT I have the original Ford service books, registration slip...
  4. Australian Falcons
    Hi all, I brought a falcon the other night with a broken stereo, so I went out and brought another one unit, I installed about 30mins ago and the car wouldn’t start? The smart lock light flashed rapidly for a few seconds so I figured if I put the only one back in, it will hopefully work, I...
  5. Australian Falcons
    hi I have an na xr6 ute with a t5. I have the opportunity to get a fully rebuilt t5z from a factory turbo ba and was wondering if it would work for my application. from my understanding the input shaft has a different spline count so would I be able to just get a clutch and flywheel to suit.
  6. Australian Falcons
    Hey, I own an automatic 2010 FG xr6 falcon, I’ve been having this issue for several months, where usually once every trip I take the car on, if I’m sitting idle at a red light or an intersection for example, the car will randomly shut off, and the screen will display “vehicle immobilised”. All I...
  7. EB S Manual

    91 ebs falcon, manual swapped and currently running ef xr6 motor but wanting to barra swap
  8. Australian Ford's Discussion
    So, been looking at the possibility of turboing my N/A BA barra. Id been doing some research on it and decided to look into some math on it. The BA XR6 has a compression ratio of 9.7:1, and the Ba XR6T has a compression ratio of 8.7:1. I wanted to find out what thickness of head gasket would...
1-8 of 8 Results