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  1. Mercury Cougar Forum
    Just got finished with my uncles 68 cougar. Has a built up 347 with efi. The problem we are having is after driving it around for like 10 mins then turn it off we have to wait about 15 to 30 mins before it will restart. I’m thinking it’s a fueling issue but wanted to ask what could it be? any...
  2. Mercury Cougar Forum
    I just came across this "1971 Mercury Cougar XR7 2 door hardtop Medium Brown Metallic". I know the original owner and they have all of the paperwork. The vehicle has 141,000 original miles. It has a 351-2V engine. It has been garage kept for many of its later years. The car is all original...
  3. Mercury Cougar Forum
    I need to replace the oil filter housing because where my oil pressure sensor screws in is cracked, I’m having trouble finding the housing online if anyone could help out.
1-3 of 3 Results