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I have a 2002 focus ZTS that when the key is turned on everything works,but the odometer comes up with dashes and the car will not start.Now heres the tricky part,with the key turned on,i can lift the lid on the fuse box under the hood and the fuel pump will kick on and the car will start when the key is turned(odometer reads as it should).I have had the fuse box basicly out of the car.I have had it opened up and have found no loose,corroded,or frayed wires of any sort or loose fuses or connections.With the key turned to the on posistion i can wiggle wires under the dash , under the hood , and anywhere else and nothing happens (again everything works but you can not hear the fuel pump kick on and the odometer still reads dashes).With the key still in the on posistion i can open the lid to the fuse box and the fuel pump will kick on ,the odometer will read as it should,and the car will start.If i shut the lid tight like it should be problem continues.If i leave the lid unlatched 50/50 shot it will start(until i wiggle or open the lid to the fuse box).This problem really has me baffled as i can find nothing out of the ordinary.I would think relay or loose wire if i really had to wiggle it hard or beat on it,but all i have to do is open the lid.I would really appreciate any help or insight into this problem before i either take it to a dealer and let it confuse them(and cost me a bundle) or start drinking heavily (which probably wont help either). THANKS,
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