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From those who take care of there vehicles well, i.e. tranny flush 30,000, oil change 3,000, etc.... I would like to know what issues we can expect.

We just purchased an '03 Ford Windstar with the ViewPoint Mobility Vision Handicap Automatic Conversion for Rear Entry Wheelchair usage.

It currently has 57,500 miles on it, a fresh transmission flush, oil, lube, filter, and flud top off. We also had the dealer and an independent mechanic due a full check on it along with our local Tire Store, Les Schwab.

No problems were found. Along with this, the vehicle was owned by Ford Corporation previously. To the point of the insurance stuff being imprinted on the little insurance holder that goes in with the manual. You can actually read everything from there insurance policy. LOL

Just want an idea of what kind of problems we may experience when the vehicle is taken well care of. Personally I've seen to many people go off at various vehicle manufacturers because they put far to many miles on there car with no routine maintance and destroyed it. Which is why I'm meticulous about maintenance.

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