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Checked both bulbs with a ohmeter, both good. Checked I believe it was fuse 14 on the passenger side kick panel with an ohmeter-good. Forgot to check and see if the fuse had voltage on it on both sides. Checked for 12 vdc at the lamp socket-no good 0 vdc. Found a connector on the driverside frame rail inboard that seems to carry all the rear wiring from the cab to the rear of the truck, think it has 10 wires or so in it. Checked the wiring from the lamp socket to this connector with a ohmeter-good. Checked for voltage on the other side of the connector- no good 0 vdc. Had an assistant (truck owner) move the gear selector from park, stopping in reverse, and then drive and back to park stopping on reverse again. I verified my grounded meter lead was well grounded by hitting 12vdc on the wire feeding the brake lights.

Now I need to know where the B+ signal comes from for reverse lights. I'm guessing it comes from the steering colum or tranny. It got dark on me so I had to wave the white flag. Any advice anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

BTW after reading some of the forums I thought it might be important to mention the truck does not have the reversing alarm system installed that will warn you if an obstacle is in your path while reversing.
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