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This incredible truck has been left to sit for 72 years by its previous owner and now faces restoration.
Ford made a name for itself over 118 years ago as America's first mass producer of automobiles after coining the American assembly line. The Model-T is usually the center of the conversation when discussing the early 1900s Ford automobiles, but it certainly wasn't the only fantastic Ford in circulation at the time. One of the most popular models was the AA truck which helped many people earn a living through farming, hauling, and general transportation. Unfortunately, as time progressed, so too did automotive technology and these Ford models quickly became obsolete. This advancement led to many automobiles being abandoned in fields, garages, warehouses, and forests.
The new owner found this car is an example of the latter surrounded by shrubbery and wildlife, which has slowly destroyed the AA truck over time. Wrapping the completed rusted wheels is a set of nylon tires that have been halfway disintegrated from over 72 years of sitting. Keep in mind; there was no weather protection, no shelter, no regular maintenance. Essentially, this car was left to sit in the woods for 72 years until one day; someone came along looking to give the old clunker a chance. Now, this car is facing a lengthy restoration from one man who truly believes in the potential of this truck.
Under the hood is a four-cylinder engine that has been completely backed up with dirt and grime. The Inside of the motor was so overtaken by dirt that the new owner has described it as having the "Pack Rat package." The absence of brakes shows that previous owners had slowed this car through the use of the gears, which has caused the gearbox to disintegrate essentially, and the body has all but fallen off of the frame. All of this squalor has been overlooked by the owner for the sake of rescuing a vehicle that once lived its life in service to others.

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