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I just got home from the Pate Swap Meet at the TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY, where I picked up a very, very solid short bed 1962 unibody F-100. The truck is a standard cab, 6 cyl, 3 spd. on the column. This truck will make somebody a very nice original truck to restore or cutom rod truck. The passenger door needs some body work,(because of an inexperienced driver, NOT RUST). The truck has the original tan factory color, so you can see exactly what you are getting, not something that has been bondoed up and painted over. $3800.00 or best offer. Call 1-800-598-4211 or e-mail me [email protected] I will be taking it to pigeon forge for the Supernationals, so don't wait if you want a nice solid truck. I drove the truck with a load of parts from Fort Worth, Tx. to Electra, Tx. @ 60-65 mph ( approx. 175 miles) with no problems at all. Don't wait long!!!
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