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Listing for a buddy of mine

For Sale

1963 ½ Galaxie R Code Low Riser 427FE with #‘s matching T-10 4 Speed

This is a one owner engine and transmission that was factory installed in a1963 ½ Galaxie. When the Galaxie was sold in the late 60’s the engine and transwere removed and installed in a street rod until 1984 when they were removedfrom the street rod and put into storage. The cylinders were oiled during thestorage period and the engine currently turns over by hand with littleeffort.

The block casting # is C3AE-6015AB HP24. Stock 4.23“ bore

The head casting #‘s are both C3AE-6090D. In the 60’s the heads were milledapprox .040 to raise compression. The current combustion chamber volume andcompression ratio is unknown. The heads are fully assembled including valves,springs, rockers, ect...

The dual quad intake casting # is C3AE-9425H or C3AE-9426H (its hard totell). When the heads were milled the intake was milled to match the heads sothey should be considered a matched pair.

2 sets of carb‘s come with the package

The set currently installed are both Autolite‘s and the casting #'s areboth C5AF BDA 6LD I believe these are 710CFM

The original set of Autolite’s casting # C3AE CA C 652 CFM are included butcurrently unassembled.

The camshaft is not the original 306 duration .500 lift cam, its a GalaxieThunderbolt 427 cam.

The transmission casting # on the trans body is T-10B-1 W.G DIV W-1. Thedate code it there but not very legible. There is also a yellow painted #stencil that says C3AAH. The casting # on the tailshaft is T-10B-7 W.G DIV W1.

The original cast steel bellhousing (casting # C3AA -6394-A 3C18) isincluded but as you can see in the picture its missing a little something ;).

There is not a flywheel included with the sale.

In the pictures you’ll see the

Original distributor

Original optional transistor ignition amplifier

Original air cleaner (it does have about ½“ of an inch milled off of therear of the lid for when it was installed in the 1932 Sedan.

All accessories and pulleys

The currently installed headers are not included but the original 1963 ½Galaxie cast iron headers/manifolds are included.

For a serious buyer the oil pan and cylinder heads can be removed to verifythe crankshaft and connecting rod casting #‘s and also the blocks cylinderbores.

At this time everything is being sold as one package, currently notinterested in separating. All of the parts are located in SE MI.

I have many more pictures that show more details and the specific casting #'s for all of the parts.

Asking price is $12000.00


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