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I have a 1966 289 2bbl stock engine that flat out refuses to time anywhere near the timing marks.

1. The timing pointer is cast on the driver side of the timing cover.
2. The damper has been checked and replaced with the same results.
3. The engine will not attempt to start with the distributor pointing to #1 cylinder with the timing mark set to 0 on the damper (yes it is a Ford and # 1 cylinder is on the front passenger side).
4 . The engine will start if the timing is adjusted to where the flash for ignition is under the passenger side of the water pump.
5. The timing set was set with the crank key up and the large timing gear ball down.
6. It appears that the engine has low compression and burns exhaust valves. (very recent rebuild, long block, new pistons, rings, valves, springs, guides, hardened seats, push rods, lifters, rods, main, cam bearings, oil pump, cam, timing gears and chain, does not burn oil,100 psi max and most cylinders 60 psi and 2 at 30 psi with carb. full open, plugs out).

I cannot figure out what could be wrong. Need some guidance. I remember previous my previous 289's were very responsive and got good gas mileage. (20 MPG vs 13-15 now)
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