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My 1969 GT convertible has 2 relays about 3in. by 2in. I do not know what they go to? They have no
ford part numbers on them. The relays are located
on the radiator support left side. The wires that
go to them are small like telephone wire. The top
one has wires going to it. The bottom one has no wires going to it. Also top one has other wires
12 gauge that goes into harness at bottom of radiator support. It may be aftermarket alarm,
because under dash was thin wires splice into harness and door buttons on door jambs. I have already taken out door jamb buttons and wires under dash. The car will start ok.

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I also think they would be aftermarket esp as they have no part numbers.Quite often with wiring it's the terminal connections that can give them away as to if it's factory or aftermarket.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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