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Hi Ford Friends

I have a 1973 TDRD - 2 Door hard top with original vinyl roof. It has a 429 V8. 31,000 original miles. The car has power windows, steering, and all the stuff of the era. It has a soft cloth interior. The car is a gem. I haven't driven it for some time so it needs some TLC. Virtually no rust. Very few like it left on earth. It was appraised a few yrs ago at 12K Canadian. I want to sell it. I think it is worth around 4K. Contact me at [email protected] for more details. It must go.

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I also have a 73, according to NADA (classic car blue booking) the car is worth anywhere from $4,100 to $19,000. Don't get rid of it that cheap, take it to LAs VAgas, Seattle, California, or any of the bigger Cities. You stand a better chance of getting more from it and making it worth your time and efforts.

Collage kid with a 73, in damn near mint condition, that has done some resaerch!
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