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1979 ford ltd landau 302 motor mounts

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I bought my 79 ltd as a roller, no trans or motor and I got a 302 and 5speed out of a half ton Ford to put in.
The only problem I have right now is that I have the motor mounts that bolt to the frame I just need to get the brackets that bolt to the motor, only problem is that I can’t find new ones for online anywhere or at any parts stores.
The only thing I could find at the parts stores and online is that rubber part that bolts to the frame but I’ve already got them all I need is the bracket.
If anyone has any idea on where I could get them that would be greatly appreciated.
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Engine Mount Saddles. That is going to be a tough one to locate. Best bet is to try HERE or look up Salvage Yard Parts Locator and try down the list.

Sorry that I couldn't be of more help.
I had a 78 Fairmont with a 302 years ago. Later mounts were available, but the mounts I needed (similar to) yours were available only from Ford. The Plus side is that this was a rather safe mount that did not split and allow the engine to "roll" or "jump" when it failed. On top of that, the part that actually wears out is the rubber part that is on your frame. The bracket that mounts to the engine likely does not wear out, therefore, there is no replacement available

You can try the Lincoln and Continental Owner's Club, as the 80 Lincoln had migrated to the same chassis and there is collector interest in those cars. Someone may be parting one out. Also try Hemmings Motor News for someone parting out a car that uses the same style mounts. Another alternative is racing parts catalogue. Maybe racing mounts for a Fox body mustang may fit (I know that these are very different cars, but the cross members look somewhat similar.

Good luck. These are rather handsome cars, especially the 89 - 91s.
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One other thought. Remove the existing mounts and see if there is a teardrop shaped hole below. If so, the earlier style mounts may work.. These are certainly available because they bolt directly to the blocj and have a stud that passes thrrough the frame. This chassis (I believe it is referred to as the "Panther" differs from 1978 and earlier full size fords which used essentially the same frame (of course with updates) from '78 back to '65.
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