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I'm in the "Emergency Vehicle Owners and Operators Association" car club (evooa). Cool emergency vehicle car club. The president of the club owns a 85 CHP Mustang that has been restored. It can be seen on the front cover of "FORD POLICE CARS 1932-1997" It can also be seen on the club's web site under "members vehicles".

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Special Service Mustangs


Thanks for pointing out our club, the Emergency Vehicle Owners and Operators Association, and the Special Service Mustang site. The club's website is now officially as we now have our own domain name. The Mustang Special Service website begins at and does include pictures of Special Service Mustangs as does our website. Owning and restoring emergency vehicles is a special and interesting hobby, but owning a Special Service Mustang has allowed us to meet and learn from many who really know and enjoy the hobby. Hope to see more of those interested in the Special Service Mustang site join us and our weekly chats at our website.

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