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I just recently inherited a mint condition, low mileage '84 Crown Vic from my Grandmother...the car isn't too bad performance wise, it's a bit faster out of the hole than my old Honda. Bottom line is, i'd like to make it faster. I'm wondering what the best performance upgrade would be to start with (bang for the buck). I've been doing some reading, and asume my car has the AOD transmission (since it has overdrive). I've heard there are compatibility issues between this and edelbrock performer intake manifolds. Is this true? I'd just like the car to be a bit faster, I'd be happy with it doing low 16's-high 15's...any comments would be appreciated...


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DKfx, hey i have a 89 cv pi with a 5.0L EFI and i found some horsepower mods that might be helpful to you. For the edelbrock air intake go to

it will show you some nice expensive air intakes that you might like you can also buy a new throttle body and a EGR plate to add some horsepower. What does your cv have in it engine wise and post some pics of her.
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