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1984 Ford LTD Crown Victoria 4.9L: extreme high revving when cold and weird brake adjustment

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Hello everyone,

first of all, I'm from Germany and I got my car imported from a company that specializes in american cars. I have this car for 2 years now and since I got the car I noticed these two problems. Sorry if my english is not perfect but I try to explain my problems as good as I can.

The first problem is that, when it is cold outside or, when I didn't drove the car for long time, the engine starts to revv up in park really high. Sometimes, when this problem accrues and I step on the gas pedal, while the car is in park, the engine regulates itself to a normal idle speed. This doesn't work all the time, sometimes when I step on the gas, the car revvs up more but doesn't regualte the idle speed. I have to wait a bit or I have to restart the engine and then step on the gas. There are no RPM problems when the engine is warm. I know that it's normal that the engine revvs up more when it is cold, but it's way to high. Is there a way to regulate it?

The second problem are the brakes. The car breakes just fine but when I step on the brakes with a bit more pressure, the car then brakes abrupt, like it is to strong. I have to be more gentle when stepping on the brakes. The company that prepared the car for me, used this brake proportioning valve, I have attached a picture of it. Do you think that it is a problem with the valve itself or can you modify the strenght?

Also, there is a hissing noise when I step on the breaks, is that normal?

Now the thing is, there are no workshops near me that could help me out because they don't know anything about american cars. The thing is, my brother in law owns a car workshop and he can help me out here and there but diagnosing a problem would take too long and I have to do the research, that's why I need your help. The company that sold me the car also has no time and I don't know anything about fixing cars on my own lol.

I would really appreciate it, if you guys could help me out. Thanks!
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Your English is fine . Check all vac hoses . brake servo /servo hose , PCV valve and hose for leaks . Quite likely the brake proportioning valve they fitted is throwing the brake balance out . You should contact the people that fitted it for advice and/ or any adjustment that can be carried out .
Thank you for the information, we have to look into it. I hope there will be a solution.
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