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1984 tempo stumbles when first accelerating.

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Just recently got an 84 tempo with the 2.3 and a carb. Put plugs, wires, cap and rotor on it, checked the pcv valve and tried adjusting the choke which seems to have 2 rivets and one screw instead of 3 screws. It's got a stumble when starting out or if you blip the throttle. Also put a carb kit in it and cleaned all the jets, and the bowl. Good exhaust on it as well. It's got 16K miles on it. Can anyone help with this?
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Checked the timing ?
Haven't done that yet, maybe a bit slow? Guess I need to borrow a timing light.
Possibly ignition timing retarded , this might / might not help you

What throws me off is that if you hold it at a slightly high idle at the stop, it acts fine. Only when starting out from a low idle does the stumble show up. No shortage of power once rolling at all. Float level is correct, new accelerator pump as well as needle valve and seat and other new parts from the carb kit. I do need to get a distributor clamp wrench to see about tweaking the timing a degree or two though.
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