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I have a 1987 Grand Marquis with an AOD transmission and ECC-IV multi-port fuel injection. I have already replaced the transmission in this car once with a junk yard replacement, and the O/D bands have gone out over a year from the install. I am afriad that this car has many problems, it appears to be leaking water from the T.B. spacer, the sensors are old, idle seems to be an issue - could be IAC. Instead of putting hundreds of dollars into fixing a 5.0L with grey top injectors, I would like to swap in a C4 automatic w/ after market shifter and probably a 450cfm carb.

Does this seem reasonable? I am looking for a car that will run for a while and not give me any crap. So far this car hasn't been too bad to me, but I would like to swap a transmission in that's going to last.

I am not fimilar with what is going to work the best for this swap. Will any 302 4 barrel lower intake manifold work? Will any C4 work with the correct bellhousing, and will I need to get the drive shaft modified or replaced?

I am not too fimilar with the differenced between the C4 and AOD, but it has a mechanical speedometer cable. I would assume that the C4 is going to have a difference mechanism for making that work. Has any one ran into this issue? I am also wondering about the kick down. Any recommendations on the rear end gearing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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