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1988 turbo coupe vs 1990 4 cylinder mustang proportioning valve

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I am swapping rear ends in my Mustang. I am taking the rear end; brakes and all out of a 1988 turbo coupe and putting it into a 1990 Mustang (4 cylinder). Now because this conversion will turn my Mustang's brake set up to four wheel discs I was curious if i will have to change the proportioning valves as well? Any other information/tips that you can give me on this project would be greatly apprieated.

Darryl S. Hayashi
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proportioning valve

The proportioning valve on the 88 Bird is setup for abs. It will not work on your conversion. Use a proportioning valve from a 86 SVO Mustang which had the original 4w disk brake or purchase on through Ford Motor Sport (adjustable). You need the brakes to engage the rear first then the front to prevent lockup on the front causing wheel hop and poor steering.
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