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I recently have been doing a lot of work on my 1989 Club Wagon. I'm trying to make it reliable in a way I can drive it cross country! I need some advice though... I started my van the other day and it ran for about 3-4 minutes pretty normal before the engine just slowed down and stopped!

I've changed the: alternator, battery, air intake control valve, spark plugs, distributor, and MAP sensor. Not sure why it would do this but I'm looking for any recommendations!

ALSO: I think the temperature gauge in my van is out... it constantly reads all the way on "C" when I know the engine isn't cold... Any tips for replacing that? Thanks for any help in advance!

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I believe your engine should have a temp sensor for the ecu and a seperate sender for the dash. The sender may be defective.

How old is the fuel filter? It could be plugged.

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