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Greetings All -

I own a 1990 T-Bird SC with 244,000 miles, I bought it at 22,000 miles in '93. Still looks great but running badly. (I also own a 1974 T-Bird.)

Though I love the car, The '90 is on its last legs if I can't figure out what's wrong with it.

It is difficult to start, idles badly... won't stay running, if it does it has extremely low acceleration and then stalling.

It just got this bad with in a few days. I think it's the fuel pump... if so, does any one have an idea of how to replace it or any ideas if there is a different solution to resolving this problem?

Your help is highly appreciated.

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Bird running bad

If it is the fuel pump that needs replacing, you have a job ahead of you, because the fuel pump is located in the gas tank. You'll have to drop the exhaust, in order to drop the tank-I just went through this last september on my 93LX, and it is one pain in the ass!

If you have a friend that has a shop with a lift, you'll need it-it is impossible to get a Bird up high enough on jackstands to get the tank out.

Good Luck!

Tony Poole
VTCI Publications Director
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