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I have a 1992 ford e250 5.8l and when I got it it would misfire once in a blue moon and it was not very noticeable, l did not really worry about it. However I took it on a trip and blew the tranny and ever since they repaired it I have a misfire only when the engine is warm at idle and a hunting and surging idle. It does not happen at faster speeds and I have not noticed a decrease in any performance other than at idle. I have changed the spark plugs, coil, wires, rotar, distributor cap, iacv, o2 sensor, fuel filter, radiator, changed some rotting vacuum lines, pcv is good, cleaned tb, cleaned map sensor, checked/cleaned eec. I have taken it to a mechanic and they have a hard time diagnosing it, one recommended replacing the iac, and he also was not worried about compression issues. Nothing has fixed the problem. I am at a loss and would appreciate some help.
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