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Hey all, I realize the ford probe forum isn't an often checked one but I just have a quick question!

I have a 1992 ford probe GL manual with 221k miles on it. Long story short.. it was my boyfriends car, he gave it to me a few years ago when i needed a car and he lost his license, and at about the 220k miles mark it started having an engine tick.. I haven't junked it because my boyfriend to keep it for some reason, ha. Anyway.. the emissions on it expired in oct 2014 and my city just passed an ordinance where I can't keep an undrivable vehicle on my property (it is considered 'undrivable' because it is unregistered), and to register it I need emissions.. the ticking won't make it fail emissions but it sure is annoying and I don't want the emissions guy to feel uncomfortable putting it on the dyno because of the loudness of the tick (the tick never really goes away, but quiets with driving it and running it - but so far out of registration I'm not really interested in driving it too far). What can I put in it to quiet it/stop it enough to just not be so irritating and noticeable? I know that something in it needs adjusted - I'm just not shelling out money to fix a car I don't even drive or plan to sell.

what can I do to or put in my probe to quiet a loud lifter/valve ticking noise?
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