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I'm curious to know if other owners of this model have had the same problems I've experienced. The transmission in the car has been repaired numerous times with one complete rebuild under warranty and a more recent rebuild that we paid for. Also have had a lot of problems with engine electronics!
My wife drives the car most of the time and we are very particular about keeping the maintence up on it. We don't abuse it, or "dog it". It is driven about 50 miles a day excluding trips.
I bought the car because of the excellent service I had from my Bronco. It has been depressing to note it's visits to the shop out number the Bronco, especially considering the Bronco has over a 100K miles on it.
It's a sharp car, still looks new in and out, but the mechanics of it have me looking at new cars and after this experience, non Ford products.
I knew a guy locally that had similar problems with his '95 V8 Cougar.
So was 95 a dog year?
Any tips on how to keep that trans in good shape?

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Have you tried the TCCOA web site. I know there are some upgades to the trans and computer. A friend of mine has a 95 t-bird that we have made quite a few mods to including transmission upgrades.


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It was a "dog" year for tranny's. The first thing you should do (if you haven't already done so) is to have the tranny drained and make sure the torque converter is totally drained, also; then refill with 12 qts of Mercon V. Finally, add an oil cooler. This should solve your tranny problems. Other problems with the '94 & '95's are with the suspension. Premature ball joint failure, strut rod bushings and sway bar bushings. Other than that, it's a great bird. I have two, one with 176,00 on it and the other with 68,000.

Hope this helps you,
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