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Hi Guys.
With 327,000 on the clock the transmission is acting up.
I have had the "sealed" unit serviced - new oil, filter, some goo that the tech said Ford recomends and the trans feels good and smooth just like it should do. However, what made me get the service was that the trans would just drop down a gear or two just because its seemed to feel like it.

Kind of like if I had grabbed the trans shifter and dragged it back to second while I'm tootleing down the road in fourth gear - and it stays there and won't shift back until I slow down - which I have to because it is screaming its head of. This is the worst it gets but sometime the change it makes itself is softer and then returns to fouth again. The trans doesn't do this all the time so the car can be driven, but when it happens its grazy and this is still happening after the service.

Any idea what this strange behaviour might be?

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