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1996 SHO Pace Car

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Fall 2000 I was happy to serve as pace car for the vintage car race at Indianapolis Raceway Park in my new (to me) 1996 SHO V8. As pace car, I led every race that day right up to the green flag!

The car is pretty much pure stock, I like to get to know a car well before making modifications. But it is a great road car and a companion to the 1989 SHO I bought in 1991 and still own. It is in semi-retirement and brought out for racing (won 3rd in the One Lap of America in 1996 in the Mid-price Sedan class) and other fun.

As the head of the National SHO club, I am biased, but I think the SHO is a wonderful sedan that has earned the right to be called a "sport" sedan. It is not a BMW, but then it doesn't cost near as much and it has a great stealth factor that makes for more relaxed driving!

I am a fan of anything cool, fast, neat or just odd in the automotive world. I love 60's era full size Pontiacs (and of course GTO's) and will drool over everything from low riders to street rods to racers and stockers.


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Ever think of tinting the windows ? Nothing looks better on a black car than tinted windows.

Nice SHO By the way
I have thought about window tint. in Illinois there can't be any on the front door windows, but as you said, they look good on the back windows, but I would only put light tint if any at all on the rear window, just so I could see safely at night.
Thanks for the comment, and keep the rubber side down.
Good looking Taurus and it even has a v8. Whats been your top speed in it.
Top speed? I have had the car to 120 on the track at IRP. We know from experience that the V8 SHO in stock form is good for 140+ (I think 144 is the highest documented at this time, from several people). The car is slick to the air and makes good top end hp. To get those last few MPH takes some distance, but the car is good for it given safe running room. For sure the 150 mph speedometer is not there just for decoration.

Check out: There is a picture on the main page of one person's run!

Of course proper tires and safety equipment are highly recommended and I do NOT recommend anyone ever try this on public roads other than those officially shut down like the Silver State etc.
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