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I just bought a used 1997 Mustang GT with a 4 speed automatic transmission (for 5000 dollars, might I add...) - how much money would it cost me to switch it to a 5 speed manual transmission?

I feel kind of stupid, cause nobody else has this problem, but...well, I thought I'd give it a shot and asked you guys...

Oh, and it has a problem, possibly with the drivetrain, the engine dies on me when I try to turn in reverse 90 degrees ONLY after a fresh start...and there is a clicking noise after I shift gears - is it normal that the 18V battery suffers when the steering wheel is at the maximum for longer than 3 seconds? Does anyone know what the problem might be if the charge of the battery isn't stable after the start of the car (I.E. it moves from one end to the other and the car sounds like it's being pushed downwards)? It even suffers when I turn the light on...

Anyone think it was a screw-over with the 5K price? :whoaa:


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