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1998 Ford Expedition anti-thief tripped

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About an month ago the anti-thief was tripped on our expedition. We were just driving on our mountain road going up hill. It then died and haven't been started since. We have since been trying to figure out the issue with it. We have tried all the tricks online with key in door, in ignition etc. We did find out that the battery's cell went bad so we got a new battery and still can't get it to start up. We have replaced 2 relays switches (fuel pump and another PCM?) Still nothing the fuel pump does start up when key is in the on position. We just had the alternator checked as it can cause those problems and the battery problem. Any ideas would be wonderful thanks!! By the way it's an 5.4l eddie bauer edition 4x4
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Sounds like somehow the PATS has lost it's link to your key. Try this:
You need to check the master fuse under the hood, the fuse box is to the right of the engine when leaning under the hood.
You will still need to determine what blew or is blowing the fuse.

More than likely a bad sensor possibly an O2 based on your description of when it blew,

You should look for shorted sensors or harnesses.

The anti-theft is a side effect not the actual problem.
Also if you find you have a bad O2 at a minimal do the forward and rear on that side and hope it's not the passenger side.
Well, we had talked to an few people about this and since we had bought it we onky had one key for it. We were told to get it out of anti-theif we would need an second key for it and key fobs. We have had an another key made for it.. it was very close to startthen it threw the code again. We now got key fobs for it going to try it again. Thank for the help!!
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