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Last night I was driving home from the Sunshine Coast and my Smartlock light was glowing dimly, sometimes faint and sometimes medium bright, when I got home and turned the car off in the driveway to open the garadge door I found it wouldn't start again. I had the same problem about 2 weeks ago but the car started after turning the key several times. Prior to that about 1 ot 2 hours before the remote contol wouldn't open the doors.

About 3 months ago the boot lock wouldn't open, it would only close, at that time the smart lock flashed about 7 times, someone told me that there was a short or open circuit in the boot wires somewhere, I found that a relay was bad and replaced it and everything was fine.

Last nights flashes were 3 sets of 5 Flashes then a continous rapid flash, after reading many posts here it seems that there is something to do with the key dectecting thingo.

Late last night I removed the relays for the boot release again becuase it also wouldn't open again, and this morning the car starts but the smartlock light now flashes 3 sets of 7 flashes then stays ON.

Today I called Ford and they told me that with the ammount of problems I described that the smart lock module is most likely damaged and would most likely need replacing.

So, at this stage I would like some input to what people think is going on and what I should do. If I do need to replace the smartlock module, is there a place to buy them from thats cheaper then the quoted $175 from Ford.

My manual doesn't apear to have a page that shows what the flashing sequences mean, I read one post that someone wrote that barely discribes the reasons for the flashes, but I can't find any mention as to why they occor or how to overcome the problems. So, is there somewhere I can find a list of error codes and remedys for them.

I also found out that next time the car stops I can leave the ignition on for 30 mins then i should be able to start the car. This is handy for the time being, but how can I track down the problem myself before going to Ford.?


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Code 3 is wrong data received, Code 5 is electronic lock assembly clock and/or ground circuit open. And it sound like you do need a new smart lock module and/or a lock module unless the wiring between the module and electronic lock is damaged or unplugged. Check for pin damage and continuity between:
pin 1 on lock and pin 26 on module
pin 2 on lock and pin 17 on module
pin 3 on lock and pin 13 on module
pin 4 on lock and pin 15 on module

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It does sound like the BEM is probably fried / flaky.
You could potentially get one from a wreckers, but would need to match spec and model closely (I think they vary from Base / Mid / High spec). You'll either need to get one from Ford, or a second hand one from a wreckers, since these items are very much Ford specific, and won't exist in aftermarket terms. If you get one from a wreckers, try for a guarantee of some kind (even if its only a month) - as a relatively complex electronic component, you'll never know if its a dud until it doesn't work.

It does pay to shop around at Ford though. As crazy as it sounds, you will get a much better price from some dealers than others . . . (some will even give you trade if your nice or they feel sorry for you :) )

Depending on the model, and your location, you might even get lucky and someone might be willing to give you a test of their module to confirm it...

Oh, also, it you have to get it from a local dealer, it might be worth getting them to install (gives you recourse if it f**** up again). Installation should be next to zero on EF/L - it sits left of the steering wheel, just above your knee, and is easy to install / remove.
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