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Hey everyone, I just had a random question if someone would happen to know the answer.
I have a 17 Edge that is out of the warranty period by 1.5k miles, I ended running a compression test, Which I discovered a BHG due to coolant spurting thru CYL 2.
With this information matches up with TSB 19-2208.
Tried to take it to the dealer after to see if I could get a goodwill repair, Dealership tried to get me out $200 for the diagnostic, and then $4000 for the tear down if ford requests it (Guy was honest and said most likely they will.)

I am wondering if a 2019 2.0l Ecoboost engine would be a easy drop in for the 2017 model?

I have been researching for the past week or so if it would be a match with mounts and etc and had no luck finding information

The 2019 Part # from a Pulled engine is k2ge-6007-aa, While the ford reman part# is K2GZ-6006-C
The 2017 Reman # is j2gz-6006-g

I am not sure if the 2019+ Fusion engine will fit as well.

I really don't want to pull the trigger on getting on without being sure it will fit in.

Thank you!

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Try to get an engine out of the same model year as Ford could have made some year to year changes to make installation a headache lol.

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