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2 Questions for a 2002 Ford F150. Only 1 key - best method for getting the other one programmed - 2nd low heat restrictor in line?

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2 Questions. Very clean 2002 F150 211,000 miles. Only 1 key - best method for getting the other one programmed. I bought 2 chipped keys but don't have a programmer. The only ones I find cost $100? Or you can buy a cable to hook a pc to the Diagnostic plug for $30? then reprogram one? But I don't know how.... - 2nd question (maybe I should have made 2 posts) I have a dog's breath of heat. I bought the Blender Door and actuator. But mine are fine... I tried to back flush the heater core, but it flows much better in reverse than the normal flow direction? I noticed a restrictor in line of the feed line? Should I take it out? Back flushing it seemed to help a minuscule bit, but still low heat. I ordered a new heater core - but don't relish putting it in...

Best Advice?
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Have you called around to locksmiths? Yes you can buy a dongle for the obd connector but you’ll have to pay for an app to program the new keys.

Keep the restictor in the feed line. It’s there to reduce the pressure in the heater core at high rpm’s so it doesn’t blow. Does it come out ambient temp when turned all the way hot? Is the motor getting up to temp?
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