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2 Questions for a 2002 Ford F150. Only 1 key - best method for getting the other one programmed - 2nd low heat restrictor in line?

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2 Questions. Very clean 2002 F150 211,000 miles. Only 1 key - best method for getting the other one programmed. I bought 2 chipped keys but don't have a programmer. The only ones I find cost $100? Or you can buy a cable to hook a pc to the Diagnostic plug for $30? then reprogram one? But I don't know how.... - 2nd question (maybe I should have made 2 posts) I have a dog's breath of heat. I bought the Blender Door and actuator. But mine are fine... I tried to back flush the heater core, but it flows much better in reverse than the normal flow direction? I noticed a restrictor in line of the feed line? Should I take it out? Back flushing it seemed to help a minuscule bit, but still low heat. I ordered a new heater core - but don't relish putting it in...

Best Advice?
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I got the 2 keys cut by the local hardware store. I ordered the blanks on line. No local locksmiths.... :( Top front hose does get hotter than the rear hose. I blew through the heater core with the air compressor. Flows better in reverse than normal flow. Truck comes up to heat normally. Do they all come with a restrictor in the in flow line? I have not seen this before. I wonder if I should remove the restrictor. I assume it's stock??
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