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2000 GT Short block vs long block

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Hey guys, I need some experts to answer me a question or point me in the right direction to the answer...

I have a 2000 Mustang GT whose motor blew.

I am having a replacement motor sent from my warranty company but I am confused about some things.

They are referring to a long block and short block, as far as I knew the engine in mine was a 46L SOHC that put out 260 at the crank and approx 220 at the wheel (still stock). I dont know if this is a long block or a short block but I am being sent a short block. Is there a difference?? And if so...what is it? I am mostly interested in any loss/gain of horsepower and torque. I have been looking around and can't find anything that is helping me out!

Thanks in advance,
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Hi and welcome to the forums.

When they refer to long and short blocks, they are just referring to how much of the engine will be replaced.

The short block is basically everything below and not including the heads. This is a basic block with crank, pistons etc installed and a long block is a full engine including fully built heads but would not have the external accessories on it.

If you have a choice then get the long block as it is basically a whole new engine.
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