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I recently purchased a 2000 Navigator. I'm unable to enter an exact destination address in the nav system. The system allows me to enter the street and a cross street at best. Sometimes it only allows me to enter the street. Sometimes it even tells me that choosing a street is not an option.

The manuals that I have for the system are a little confusing and contradict each other with regard to entering a specific address. I called Navtech (software manufacturer) who told me that the CD I have has address information on it. They told me I would have to call a Ford dealer to find out why I couldn't get address information to come up on my system. I called 3 dealerships who were unable to help. I couldn't even find anything on the internet.

The hardware (in the center console) is a "Philips CARin Navigation System". On the settings/system information/configuration screen, it shows a part number (not sure for what) of sy596/70. The only CD I have is labled NAVTECH - MAP 1 - CALIFORNIA/NEVADA - 2001.1

Can anyone tell me whether or not an exact address can be entered into this system? Will updated CD's do the trick? Am I missing something? What's wierd to me is that Navtech told me that addresses are contained on the CD that I have. But when I go to the screen where you enter the destination, there is no option in the menu to enter an address. Like I said, it only allows you to enter a city, street and maybe a cross street.

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